August 25-30, 2019

Healing with the Hadith

The Lotus Blossom Retreat is a Spiritual Retreat featuring classes, contemplation, and communal worship. Each day brings you together with nature, yourself, your fellow retreaters, and your Creator.

Get ready for a full experience including hiking,  canoeing, communal meals, and fellowship (songs and storytelling) around the campfire. 

In the company of four teachers of Islamic spirituality, and alongside sisters and brothers in faith, you will have the chance to hear, heal, and head forward on your journey to God.


This year's theme

This year’s theme, Healing with the Hadith, invites you to explore the Teachings of the Greatest Teacher of all times, the Apostle of God, Muhammad, may the peace of our Lord continue to nourish his essence and our connection to him.

Do you have questions about the Hadith?

Is there a Hadith that you have struggled to understand?

Do you wonder whether translations you have read are accurate?

Are you looking for a true spark when you read a Hadith?  

Do you wish to develop a healthy relationship with the words of the Prophet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this retreat is for you.

What awaits you

The Teachings of the Prophet of God are a pathway to spiritual enlightenment like no other - they are a rich treasure trove of illuminating wisdom. It is time we uncovered this wealth to which we are the rightful heirs. Be part of this life-changing experience this summer!

Wherever you are at on your journey, you will find something to help you grow in this retreat.

Children and Teen Programs

The Lotus Blossom Retreat includes a daily children’s program for children between the ages of 5 and 12, allowing parents their time to focus. 

With a focus on nature and worship, our children educators will engage your children with a full schedule of arts and crafts, hiking, storytelling, singing, meditation, and sports activities.

Please note: children under 5, or any children who are not able to use the bathroom alone, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


For our teen participants, we will be offering special sessions geared specifically to their interests and needs.

Lotus Blossom Children’s Program

 "The children's events from toddler to teen were amazing. Our daughter benefitted so much from her mentor; our son enjoyed his outdoor activities with his groupmates and energetic mentor. Our eight year old had whole days fun-filled with her lovely friends and kind mentors. Lastly our toddler hung around the whole campground fearlessly - the first time we gave her so much freedom to walk around."        - Hamidur Shibly 


"All the lecture sessions were so beneficial and their messages touched our hearts right away. The end-of-session hymns melted our hearts."  - Zaynab S

" The content covered was easily accessible to all levels. Additionally the level of access to teachers made follow ups easy and timely."  - Haseeb Kamal     

" Great program combining healing and support for body, mind, and soul. Great speakers and balanced toipics."   - Muna Idris  



"The campfire was a very exceptional and mind-blowing experience for us and the kids. It was really beyond our expectations to have such beautiful mawlids under starry nights for four consecutive nights."  - Muslima Shibly

Healthy Meals

 "The meal plan was very carefully made for the entire group so that we did not have to worry about junk or sugary food. The kitchen team worked tirelessly to feed us three times a day without much sleep and rest. While we attended the classes they were busy preparing our meals. We made dua for them in our every session.

- Muslima Shibly

A place for our Youth

"MashaAllah this place was a utopia and I think I have connected to Allah more than ever. Also another highlight was when the Shaykh mentioned George Lucas, the maker of Star Wars!"

- AbdulRahman Pennino, youth retreater

Time with Teachers


"The Teachers: it was a tremendous experience to live with our teachers so closely for that many days. It only made us absorb more from them in a way to emulate  them into our own daily actions inshaAllah." - Muslima Shibly

"May you, our teachers,  be blessed with extra grace for explaining the sacred literature in a simple, easy to understand language. Thank you, thank you, thank you." - Asima Kazi-Continho

Imam Adeyinka Muhammad Mendes

What makes this Retreat unique?

 A sense of community

There was a great sense of community formed between all the participants, which is something we tend to lack in our everyday. We enjoyed the simplicity and communal living lifestyle even if only for a few days. Everything was well planned to allow for flexibilty and ease for families and children. We have been speaking about this point with several friends of ours and feel it is a real draw (a true differentiator from other retreats where attendance with young children is almost prohibitive).

Overall it felt like a safe environment to explore one's needs, be oneself and not feel judged.

- Haseeb Kamal 


 Welcoming of families

There is so much to write about this Lotus Blossom Retreat and I am not sure from where to start and I am also sure there will be much more left - doesn't matter how much I try to express here.

Alhamdulillah, we as a family had an exceptional experience there. The whole theme for this retreat was quite unique and very close to our hearts, something that we are striving in our family life, for us and for our children. So we focused on this retreat as our yearly family vacation in a way to combine the Deen and Dunya, to learn, to enjoy and to strive.

We miss you all. By the by , after we returned back to Toronto to keep up the spirit of the Lotus Blossom  Retreat we formed a group among us to motivate each other to practice the lessons we have learned there in our day to day life. 

Much much love, appreciation and duas

Shibly Family.


Spots are limited.

Spots will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis and will be reserved only once payment is received.


The first 25 adult registrants will receive an early bird rate of $375.


If you’re under 18 and wish to attend the Retreat unaccompanied by an adult, we welcome your application! Please email us at, briefly explaining why you’d like to attend, and with your Guardian’s contact info (Name, phone number and email address) to confirm their consent.


child (5-12)

$ 200

YOUTH (13-17) / ADULT (18+)

regular rate: $425 for one person

Refund Policy

In cases of extreme and urgent need, a 75% refund will be permitted until May 15, 2019, inclusive. You must provide a written statement of the extreme and urgent need in order to ask for the refund. Simply changing one's mind is not considered an extreme and urgent need. Starting May 16, 2019 no refunds will be available. This policy allows us to plan effectively and efficiently for a successful retreat. Thank you for understanding.

Location, Accommodation & Food

  • The Lotus Blossom Retreat takes place on a beautiful lakeside retreat centre in Notre-Dame-de-Laus.
  • The retreat centre is approximately 2 hours from Ottawa. Registrants will be able to arrange carpools among themselves.
  • There are large rooms with several beds; half of the rooms will be allocated to brothers and the other half to sisters.
  • The registration fees include 5-night, 6-day accommodation, and all meals.
  • Meals are cooked by our kitchen team, made with love and prayers.


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