Celebration of Guidance

Celebration of Guidance

It is a highly recommended practice of the Prophet and his Companions–a practice upheld by Muslim scholars and communities throughout history–to gather to remember and recite the beautiful story of the Final Prophet of God ﷺ – of how he came to this earthly realm and how he changed it by his holy presence.

The Prophet himself designated poets who sang songs in praise of the Creator Most High and His Messengerﷺ in the Prophet’s Mosque. Keeping with this sacred tradition and art form, we gather as a community every Saturday night in Ottawa, and every Sunday night in Montreal.

Each gathering includes a communal potluck meal, meditation, prayer, song and poetry, and an inspirational teaching on how to walk the spiritual path.

This weekly gathering welcomes both individuals and families.  It remains an essential vehicle for educating our children, and time has proven its efficacy in the lives of generations of Muslims who have employed it to impart the teachings of Islam to their children.

A note on children:  Children who attend this gathering need to be helped by their parents to acclimatize to it. They should be eased into it, until they are able to truly take part in it. If your children are not yet able to sit quietly during the entire gathering, bring them just for the communal meal at the beginning. Little by little, train them to stay for longer until eventually they are able to stay for the entire time.

Ways to prepare children for this gathering include giving them a bath and dressing them in formal clothing to help them get into the right mindset for going to a place of worship where reverence and ceremony are key. Suchpreparation assists children to choose to display the kind of behaviour that is appropriate. (It is also a way to instil in our children the Sunnah habits!)

Teach your children to recite parts of the poem – at least the Salawat – the words “Sal Allahu alayh” – which are recited after every line. Everyone should be encouraged to say this Salawat. It’s also a good idea to teach your children some of the songs that are sung, so that they can sing along. Children who have prepared a song are welcome to sing it up at the front.

The potluck provides an opportunity for your children to practice the manners of eating in community: serving others first, helping to set out food and clean up, and so on.