AUGUST 16-19, 2019
Journey to Manhood

Camp Connect is an incredible four day canoeing and camping trip designed to take your son on a journey that will enrich him with new skills, new friends, and new experiences he'll benefit from for a lifetime.

What is Camp Connect

Camp Connect is a program designed to help boys acquire a positive mindset and the courage to step confidently into manhood.

We don't often talk about manhood and helping our boys become men, as if it is somehow embarrassing to discuss this, or as if we believe this transition is merely a biological one - and will just happen. The truth, of course, is that being a man is much more than a biological reality. Modern society has lost many of the rites of passage traditions that allow boys to be honoured as they become men, and enable the cultivation of new skills and responsibilities as part of that maturing process.

Boys in our modern world often lack the support and mentorship that boys in past eras were fortunate to have. Mentorship gives boys a huge advantage, providing a sense of community, someone to look up to, and someone to receive support and encouragement from.

Camp Connect is all about giving boys the chance to be mentored by older Muslim brothers, and to learn and get the chance to practice the skills and qualities of spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy men. 

How do we do this?

Through our experience of working with youth, we've maintained that the best way to guide is indirectly, not through lectures and the like, but through informal conversations, as well as by engaging in activities such as sports. Camp Connect offers amazing opportunities for teaching and guiding, through its canoeing, hiking, swimming and campfires.  These activities are not only fun, but can be positively challenging and help forge strong bonds of brotherhood.

Daily activities at Camp Connect reflect the life of the Truest Man of all, our Beloved Prophet, peace and blessings upon him:  boys set up camp, maintain it by doing chores, and serve the well being of all by cooking and cleaning.

Camp Connect harnesses boys' innate desire to 

experience challenges - by empowering them to take positive risks such as exploring the outdoors and testing their personal limits; 

meet targets - by achieving a self-discpline and committing to a life of spiritual dedication through attention to the five daily Prayers

form bonds of brotherhood with each other - by working and living together.

These are all expressions of the skills of manhood. 


Our teachers are experienced mentors who are there to provide individual attention to each boy. For a group of 13 campers, there will be two experienced youth mentors, one of whom is a high school teacher.


Spots are limited.

Spots will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis and will be reserved only once payment is received.


YOUTH (13-17) 

$ 395

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of this program, no refunds will be available. This policy allows us to plan effectively and efficiently for a successful retreat.


History of Camp Connect

Recognizing the richness of our own traditions, as well as the pressing need to apply them, a small group of brothers in Sanad Collective came together in 2013 and decided to take the theme of manhood and build a camp for Muslim boys using this motif, inspired by the teachings of Shaykh Hamdi Ben Aissa. 

Camp Connect was born out of a desire to provide a milieu in which boys can express their God-given manliness and be mentored on their journey to maturity.

Camp Connect's vision of a real man is the Muslim man, whose manhood is realized through the roles that God has given him to fulfil, in the image of he who perfected the art of manhood: Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings on him.

The journey towards this type of maturity starts with a boy developing a connection to God and to His Messenger, to his brothers in faith, to older brothers (mentors), and to his family and surroundings. When our boys become connected along the right lines, they will grow up to be healthy, contributing men.

Camp Connect takes boys out of their ordinary environment to allow them to establish these vital connections in a way that is lasting.

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